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The Wiltshire Times features my Red Phone Box scheme for The Wheels of Society...

Tony Wilson, author of The Wheels of Society, has put his latest book, The Wheels of Society, in the village's former red telephone box - now a place where residents can exchange books.
However, Mr Wilson's book contains a special request - he's asking people to pass it on to their friends with £1 extra each time, with the promise that they'll make the money back from him if they leave a review. Mr Wilson's said: "It's a fun game to play during lockdown and gets the book moving around the village." Tony, 89, from Turleigh, has spent 30 years researching the book, which examines how society is formed and how people gather together in groups to cooperate. Mr Wilson said: "It started when I went on a cycling holiday with a dear friend around the coast of Ireland in 1990 and he kept complaining about corporate greed. "It got me to thinking about thinking about society and to understand how it actually works, how it assembles and performs. "My book explains how society works and shows that it's not about individuals but about how people collect together to form highly-effective groups. "These coordinating groups, be they corporations, farmers and even criminals, have minds of their own. "Our cooperating groups, which make up the hierarchy of society, are living things in their own right. "This only becomes clear when we reject the daft and monstrous Platonic fallacy that man and the individual are the pinnacle – the whole purpose even – of creation. "This hubris has effortlessly deceived us into a philosophy which asks: how do I look, am I popular, how can I make pots of money and be a ‘success’? "But a society based on such egoism must eventually lose out to those in which individuals seek success for their group rather than for themselves." Mr Wilson spent 30 years researching his 176-page book and finished writing it one and a half years ago, rising at his customary 5am.

You can read the piece here


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