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The State of the Art

For centuries before Darwin people speculated about how the animal kingdom fits together, for example, Aristotle and his pupil Theophrastus nearly got there.

Then Darwin explained how all animals have evolved from single-cell creatures by evolution by natural selection,

The state of the art: today we are in a similar position to the world before Darwin as to how all animal societies work.

People don't realise that there could be an overall explanation, and yet you can read articles and learned papers get written all the time about how society works

What I'm saying, is that my explanation of assembly and performance thinking, with review, actually explains how all animal societies operate.

I'm saying, it explains IN ONE UNIVERSAL THEORY the workings of how all animals societies cooperate each within its self. For example, this idea; assembly and performance thinking applies to ant and termite societies to orcas, dolphins, elephants, and baboons societies and of course to human societies

The idea is outlined in my book, the wheels of society, which says that first of all social animals must assemble next they must perform and finally the third stage they must review how the performance has gone.

Accordingly and finally, I point out that emotion has the power to destroy any social group: orca elephant human et cetera.

Finally, all this is bound together by a neat bit of logic, which I refer to, as the rule of three, it points out that in fact, there is no other way in logic for cooperating animals to work together. It is a bit of pre-existing logic. It preexists human thought in the way in which euclidian geometry does.


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